Interstellar Short Review


Just coming back from the theaters. Interstellar is easily my favourite movie of the year. Nolan blew up the whole cinematographic industry, this is a masterpiece of a movie that will be talked about for a generation and set up a new milestone in sci-fi. The movie made me laugh, got me scared, happy and sad, I didn’t cried (witnesses report seeing me crying 3 times but don’t listen to them). The movie was deeply philosophical yet understandable; quite accurate scientifically, yet dreamy and romantic.


No spoilers here, just talking about the feeling outcome and inspiration burst I got from it.

The narration was amazingly well done, Nolan got the rhythm perfectly orchestrated, you don’t get bored a single moment… And if you think you are bored, it’s because the director wants you to breath again, relieve some pressure he put onto you with the previous scene.

I didn’t followed any hype, didn’t saw any trailer before going to the cinema and it really helped. I wasn’t expecting anything (like I was with Inception and it’s hype-train) and it caught me off-guard.

Graphically is does the job, it’s not as scenic or epic as Prometheus for example, but actually it really helps to set down the scale. It feels less Space Opera and it brings the film to a human scale, helping a lot to identify to the characters, as you don’t see them as invincible heroes and after some minutes you truly care about them. By the way, the actors performance is so accurate that you don’t think about them as “actors” at all.

It had a lot of references to 2001 a Space Odyssey, especially sound-wise. Hans Zimmer really nailed it. It’s quite a lesson of humility actually, he don’t shoot the brass instruments every 5 minutes like he used to, here he stays quite silent and build the atmosphere rather than tension.


Anyway, I’m probably terrible at movie reviews – I guess I should stick to games! – but I got very enthusiastic about this movie. Hope you enjoyed it and feel free to tell me about your own impressions!