November Update

Sorry about the delay since my last update, I kinda got caught in Assassin’s Creed Unity. Despite the terrible coverage it got from the mainstream press, everyone who played it (me included) had a pretty good time on it. The environment art is insanely detailed, the world is living like no other game before and the co-op missions are a real plus.


In the meantime I updated my home station with a brand new GTX970, boosting my FPS to the ceiling. My CPU is a bit older, a decent 3570k, but still not even used at 5%. The overall result makes my server and 2 game clients renders under 17ms with dynamic daylight, DFAO, shooting, explosions, and dynamic lights attached to the character… I’m very surprised how smooths it runs.

During the night time, the GPU is relieved a lot and I get under 10ms. This works as intended, as I plan to use a lot more dynamic point & spot lights during night time, until the framerate gets even between day and night.

I had a lot of advance on my roadmap for November, so this week I’ll probably update to 4.6 Preview and implement properly recoil and ammo spread to my Line Trace Shooting Mechanics. I’ll sketch some Heat/Cold and Thirst/Hunger mechanics due to popular demand on Twitter and I will connect that with my Consumable Items System to regenerate those gauges… and I’m done for November!