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Isn't it better to put a face on those words?

Praglik’s Devblog – A presentation.

Good day to you, fellow designers, techies, artists or game dev enthusiasts!

Allow me for a quick presentation : my name is Alexis “Praglik” Argyriou, host of this devblog.

I will update here not-so often, sometimes sharing links, sometimes keeping updates about some of my personal projects, or some other times posting some little Unreal Engine 4 tutorials.

I had the nasty habit of starting a blog and letting it slowly die – and I won’t keep any promises that this blog will feature any change.




Isn't it better to put a face on those words?
Isn’t it better to put a face on those words?

About me

I am a Level Artist and Game Designer. I gathered experience in many fields of the video game industry in the hope of becoming a creative, autonomous and rigorous asset for any game development studio.

I try to take the best of each type of media, blending different cultures in my work. I firmly believe that video-games are a young medium – we are incredibly lucky to be able to experiment with technology to blow our customer’s minds with amazing designs and wonderful art.

I got into Unreal Engine 4 at an early stage of its development, working on a AAA game, mastering its blueprint scripting system, level design tools and material editor. I even had the opportunity to train new recruits to UE4’s arcanes and opportunities.

I’m currently working in Poland, at Dark Stork Studio as a level designer and game designer. My daily tasks include designing and dressing up our maps, participating in the game design document and working closely with the art team to push the boundaries of our engine while respecting our art director’s vision.

I’m versatile and have knowledge and experience of 3D Environment-Art, Game Design, Level Design, Marketing and Project-Lead. French mother-tongue, fluent English (both written and oral) in a work environment.

I have a french Degree in 3D Environment Art & Game Design, and I’m a big fan of literature, music, cinema and traditional arts. I’m able to follow Lead Designers’ directions and integrate into a design team while still being highly autonomous.

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